Writing More Effective Essays


Writing  essays  is an inevitable part of any academic career, whether it be at school, or in later life. Being such a crucial part of the education process, it’s strange that there are very seldom classes or tutorials on how  best  to write and structure an  essay . In this article, we’ll look at some salient points, which should be kept in mind whenever you’re required to write an  essay . Including the obvious grammatical and vocabulary requirements, there are certain other factors which are required to produce a  good , solid  essay .

The first place to start is, as always, the introduction. Introductions are essential components of any  essay , and should reflect the question being asked primarily, whilst also outlining the intended approach. It is not to simply outline all the points you will subsequently make, but rather to outline the direction in which you will reason towards your conclusions. A  good  thing to remember in your conclusion is that by providing a rhetorical question, or answering the  essay  question you have been set, you can effectively round off the introduction and begin your reasoning which will ultimately earn you credit.

Next, you will be required to form the body of your  essay . This involves making structured points in support, or against your initial hypothesis set down in your introduction. It’s worthwhile remembering to continually refer to your question set, and through linking sentences at the beginning and end of each paragraph, you should end up answering the question you have set.

Finally, after making the substantive points of your  essay , it’s time for the conclusion. The conclusion should not simply round up the points that you have made, but should draw in the conclusions, or inferences that can be drawn from the points you have made. From this, you should reflect your answer to the question, which is the ultimate point of writing the  essay .

 Essay  writing is one of the hardest challenges faced through any academic career, and is a thoroughly resolute test of knowledge and understanding. At the same time, it is also a test of vocabulary and reasoning, and should be thought of as a chance to elaborate on the key skills you have picked up in the course of your learning. By working technically  well  through your  essay , and providing a set structure focused on answering the question, you will ultimately end up with an  essay  that is  well  organized towards reaching its goal.


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