wrIters choice

The blog post will most likely be a response to the readings, to one of the videos or songs. Or, it could perhaps be a response to the last class discussion. The goal is to read, view, or listen to this content and think about what they mean and how they relate to the theme of the course. What did you think about the arguments? Did you agree or disagree? Why or why not? Did something in the pieces surprise you? Or was there something you did not understand? Did you have something you found in the text that you wanted to discuss further? All of this is fair game. You can also bring in material that was not in the readings and resources from current events or social media if you think it enriches the blog by relating to the question of Black Religion.

Also Note to get some 3-4 vocabulary from the reading and explain them in your own words and how it helps you understand the readings

*Harriet Tubman episode, Underground
*Benjamin E. Mays and Joseph Nicholson, The Genius of the Negro Church
*Martin Luther King,Letter from a Birmingham Jail


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wrIters choice
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