Write 6 pages thesis on the topic the role of information system in business.

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic the role of information system in business. Every particular information system seeks to support the making of decisions, management and also supports the operations. In a wider scope, IS refers to not only Information and Communication Technology commonly called ICT that is used in an organization but also the interaction of people with technology in support of various business processes.

A few scholars have made a distinction between business processes, information systems and computer systems. Information systems are different from business processes in that the former can be said to support the control and performance of the latter. Information systems basically include an ICT component but are not entirely concerned with ICT, concentrating instead on the final use of information technology. The information system can be viewed as a unique type of a working system that is to say a system whereby machines and human beings work together using resources to produce particular products and services for customers. In a nutshell IS is a working system with the core functions focused on processing(transmitting, capturing, storing, manipulating, retrieving and even displaying)information. Thus IS brings about inter-relation of data systems on one part and also activity systems on the other side.

We are in the information age and the use of information systems has revolutionized the way of doing business. This has also affected the way organizations conduct their businesses and has greatly reduced uncertainty in making decisions. It’s exciting how several writers (Olson and Gordon, 1985. Hicks, 1997. Peppard and Ward, 2002. Lucey, 2005) all have come to an agreement that information system is critical to organizations of all sizes and types. It is a well known fact that an information system is an effective tool that assists improve management by the use of the information available for decision-making purposes.

Apart from the traditional systems that supported the daily operations of the business, IS are increasing the competitive edge of an organization.

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