Literature Review Rough Draft Checklist
•    Title page
o    APA format
    Title, name, affiliation,
    Running head, page number
•    These two are included in the header of every page of paper, but the words “Running head:” are only on the title page
•    Abstract

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o    Overview of paper
o    Thesis statement – what subtopics are covered
o    See examples in text
•    Introduction paragraph
o    Grabs the reader’s attention
    Could include statistics (e.g., % of people affected) and/or demonstrate the importance of the topic (e.g., how people are affected)
o    Gives an overview of the topic (you could cite articles here if needed)
o    Ends with a thesis statement which includes the subtopics you will review
•    Body
o    Divided into subtopics with headings for each subtopic (see APA format)
o    Group together similar articles and write about a paragraph summary for each
    Who was in the study?
    How was the study done?
    What did they find?
o    Use transitions so they flow together
•    Summary
o    One paragraph summary in your own words summing up the body
•    Suggestions for future research on your topic
•    Conclusion
•    References
o    Start on a new page at the end
o    APA format (hanging indent, alphabetical order, etc.
    Library database can help you – click “cite”, then double check
o    Make sure all 20 articles in the paper are on the reference page, plus any additional references you may have used
•    Take the paper to the Writing Center for extra credit, but leave enough time to make corrections
•    Carefully proofread for clarity, grammar, spelling, flow, and APA format errors
o    Try reading the paper out loud
o    Treat the draft as though it is the final paper

Must use 20 peer reviewed articles from a certain website. Only use information from studies not general literary info.


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