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Star multicolored.jpg The S.T.A.R. Technique

Think about how your psychology degree, coursework, fieldwork, and all of your college experience has produced skills that the employers are looking for. In a conversation or an interview during networking or job searching, don’t just say “I am awesome” instead tell what you did that was awesome by using the STAR Technique.

Use the STAR technique to convey 3 of the categories desired by employers (see the Skill categories below).

For each of the 3 categories, break down your demonstration of the skill as follows:

S = Situation-describe the situation brieflywho, what, when, where?

T= Task at hand–describe the task that was needed– describe the problem/issue/need at hand

A= Action you took–describe what you did in detail

R= Results–describe the positive results you got

Thus you will need to write out the STAR for 3 different things. You will have three sets of STARS demonstrating skills.

Pick at least three (3) of these skill categories. Demonstrate your ability/achievement in each of the three categories that you select using the STAR technique.


  • Relevant Experience So discuss your Internships, fieldwork, paid or volunteer work– emphasize how these experiences allowed you to use and test out skills taught in the classroom–share with the interviewers specific things you accomplished, learned or contributed toward in this experience.
  • Demonstrated Leadership Discuss clubs, organizations, fraternities/sorority involvement, leadership on the job, in sports, or in the classroom. Share specific leadership experiences of yours.
  • Passion for the Industry Share your enthusiasm and excitement for the industry to which you are applying for the job.
  • Teamwork Ability
  • Self-Starter/Initiative/Problem-Solving Skills
  • Analytical Skills (Specifically mentioned: Powerpoint and Excel skills)
  • Interpersonal Skills (Able to meet new people, work well with customers)
  • Communication Skills (Aware of one’s communication style and how you come across to others/ be perceptive of how the particular audience wants to be communicated with– for example, do not be informal or pushy with the Vice President etc…)
  • Flexibility and Adaptability (Adjust to change quickly, quick problem solving)

You need to write out the STAR for 3 different things. You will have three sets of STARS demonstrating skills.

“What Are Your Special Skills?” Brief Paper Assignment |
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