Wasteland documentary essay |

1. Watch a short film documentary called “Wasteland” on youtube. It is only 1 hour and 34 minutes.

2. Choose 1 thesis sentence from the following 6 thesis sentences listed below and write a 5 paragraph essay. 500 words. MLA format.

The thesis sentences are:

1. Though Vik Muniz and Tiao both had little support, their passion and persistence allowed them to achieve their dreams.

2. As Vik Muniz transformed recyclable materials into art, he also transformed the lives of the catadores.

3. Even in the most unfortunate situations art has the potential to change views and attitudes.

4. The awareness of the act recycling makes us conscious of how each of us has a responsibility.

5. For the catadores, honest work at the Jardim Gramacho gave them a sense of purpose and pride.

6. Of the three types of waste, regular trash recycables, and compost, Vik Muniz used recyclables to make art.

This is for English 28. (1 english class below 101)

youtube link:


Wasteland documentary essay |
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