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This paper is a visual rhetorical analysis of two pictures an organization created, which is also a stakeholder in my discussion. My topic is concerned with whether video games are beneficial or harmful, and the organization that is selected must support one of the sides of the debate and also have TWO original images, not from another source. A sample paper is attached to show what type of images are being utilized and how it is integrated within the text. A flaw in the sample paper is that they do not give the images proper titles, and when discussing rhetorical strategies they use the names of the rhetorical appeals (Ethos, Logos, Pathos, Kairos) which is NOT to be mentioned directly, but rather explained. The papers total word count should be between 1200-1400, and have 3 sources in total.

  1. An introduction that clearly identifies the stakeholder and its background (context), the controversial issue, and the thesis that presents the relationship between the two images and the stakeholder’s main argument, including how the two images represent the stakeholder’s goals, which encompass its interests, missions, and message
  2. An analysis of the rhetorical strategies used in both images, taking into consideration audience, message, purpose, rhetorical appeals, and/or rhetorical fallacies (if they exist), and pointing to specific details from the image to support your claim
  3. An integration of at least three sources into your visual analysis; one must be a source from the stakeholder, and the others may come from secondary sources about the stakeholder or about the images discussed.
  4. A conclusion that highlights the main points and considers forward-thinking research ideas for research/action
  5. A Works Cited page


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visual rhetorical analysis 1 – Nursing Paper Help
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