University of Kentucky Useful Theories For Nurses & Patients Discussion

ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES: Threaded Discussion #2

The purpose of this assignment is for you to explore theories used by nurses to 1. explain patients’ learning and/or behaviors, 2. effectively lead other nursing professionals, 3. explain patients’ coping, or 4. investigate errors and prevent future errors. Please choose 1 theory from the attached document to explore and discuss. Your grade will be based on the inclusion of the following areas in your discussion:

• A description of the theory: Author of the theory, how it was originally used, what the theory aims to describe or address, and major components of the theory (Thorough description, 30 points; some description, 24 points; little description, 18 points; no description, 0 points)
• A thoughtful, thorough reflection/explanation of how the theory can be applied to a nursing issue. (Thorough discussion, 20 points; some discussion, 16 points; little discussion, 12 points; no discussion, 0 points)
• An explanation of how the theory impacts patient health outcomes. (Thorough explanation, 10 points; some explanation, 8 points; little explanation 6 points; no explanation, 0 points)
• An explanation of what you learned through the examination of this problem/question.
It is a good idea to explicitly say, “I learned….” in your discussion… (Thorough explanation, 5 points; some explanation, 4 points; little explanation, 3 points)
• Points for posting to others (Posted to 4 others with meaningful comments, 10 points; posted to 2 others with meaningful comments, 7 points; posted to only 1 other student or comments were not meaningful, 2 points)
• Post over several days (Posted meaningful posts on at least 4 days, 10 points; posted meaningful posts on 2- 3 days, 7 points; posted only on one day OR posted only on the last day, 2 points)
• References listed in APA style (1-3 errors, 5 points; 4-6 errors 4 points; 7-8 errors, 3 points; more than 8 errors, 0 points).
• First original post by 10/11 – remember you don’t have to answer all the questions in one posting

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