Topic: Case 6.6 – custom papers

Order DescriptionHow: The process of developing a case study:Define the objective of the case studyIdentify the important players within the organization, the “stakeholders”Identify other target groups of the organization, whether clients or suppliersState the official mission of the organization studiedState the historical mission of the organizationState the understood mission of the stakeholders in the organizationScale the importance of stakeholders, whether in decision-making or effect of consequencesOutline the formal decision-making processNote informal decision-making processesIdentify the process of production or service deliveryIdentify support mechanismsIdentify competitorsWhat is the organizational context of the profession or of competitors?State the major problemState subsequent problems and implicationsState the role of managementState the role of production/service providersIdentify strategic issuesIdentify decisions needed to be madeIdentify risk factorsIdentify historical precedentsDefine remedial optionsCompare options as regards pros and cons, theory, risk factorsMake your recommendation and justifyWrite an executive summary focusing on key elements
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