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Life Span Biography

You may organize your lifespan biography in whatever way seems reasonable to you but it must meet several criteria:

  1. the person has to be real, not fictional
  2. the person must be someone who you know, not a celebrity, or historical person.
  3. the person has had to have lived into old age and should be still living (65years or older)
  4. the paper must be in sentence format and be from 9 full – 10 double spaced typed pages NO more than Ariel or Times New Roman 12 size font with 1 – 1.5 inch margins. The Biography must be at least 8 full pages in length alone before any additions from the text are applied to the paper.

Topics that should be covered include, but are not limited to:

  1. familybackground
  2. circumstances of birth
  3. medical and health history throughout life
  4. livingarrangementsthroughoutlife…parents,spouses,room-mates,etc.
  5. educational history and intellectual abilities/achievements
  6. vocational/career history
  7. hobbies,activities,etc.
  8. social history…shy or outgoing, friend
  9. maritalhistory

10.financial situation
11.spiritual background, religious affiliations, philosophical developments, etc. 12.emotional health
13.unusual life crises, challenges, or achievements
14.over-riding theme to this life? Regrets? Pleasures and accomplishment?

15.Incorporate themes you learned in the text and lectures into the biography by relating the information given by the person you interview to these concepts. This must be a part of the paper.

You may organize the biography chronologically, that is, from childhood through old age, or go topic by topic. You may include photographs or whatever other kinds of materials you think add to the understanding of this individual. However, photographs are in addition to the 8-10 pages of writing. Remember to safeguard your subject’s privacy and to obtain his or her permission and consent to write this paper.

Term Paper Life Span Biography |
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