ted talks 2

Choose a topic, what it talked about and how its related to engineering field.

Appropriate TED Talk videos can be found through https://www.ted.com/talks or on YouTube. It is recommended that you consider important skills you would like to better develop that are critical to success in college and engineering. This includes, but is not limited to, time management and organization, teamwork, failure, leadership, ethics, communication, and more. Students are expected to watch five (5) videos and write a one-page summary on each. One video must be about time management. Each summary must not only summarize the TED Talk content, but also reflect upon its impacts on your course projects. For example, you can discuss your experiences as a team member, your team dynamic, and team leadership style(s). Did you experience any conflicts, and if so how were they handled? Do you see differences or improvements in team dynamic between project 1 and 2? How can you use what you learned fromthe TED Talksto improve your contributions as a team member on future projects? Why is teamwork important in engineering in general?


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