Study Questions w5 650

Please answer each psychology question.  Answer has to be 150 words or more with references

PLease see attached Notes for questions.


1.  Review the diagnostic clusters of personality disorders. Choose cluster A B or C and discuss the challenges of conducting research on that cluster.



2. Summarize the etiology of addiction within the current substance use-misuse-abuse continuum. Provide an example of a person in the media who is at the abuse stage of a

3. Describe the effectiveness of treatment in substance abuse as evidenced in research studies.


4. Describe the biopsychosocial as it relates to the development of substance abuse disorders.


5. What are three reasons for the high frequency of misdiagnoses of personality disorders?



6. Why Were No Changes Made to the Way Personality Disorders Are Diagnosed?

ddiction. Support your answer with peer-reviewed research.





7. What are the features of antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy?


8. What is drug abuse and dependence?





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