Strategic planning can be laborious, but with the right mindset, it can be fun! Consider this example: Suppose an organization conducts a demographics study of its immediate surroundings and finds a population of over 30,000 immigrants from a certain country. It has no employees representative of the new cultural group. This is a weakness that can be converted into the strength of marketing to the cultural group. We need to continually think about our organization’s strengths and weaknesses.

You have read the following articles:

Clark, C. S., & Krentz, S. E. (2006). Avoiding the pitfalls of strategic planning. Healthcare Financial Management, 60(11), 63–6 7.

Grobmyer, J. E. (2002). Putting your financially based strategic plan into action. Trustee, 55(1), 30–3 2.


Identify what you found to be the “strengths” you believe must be considered in developing a strategic plan. Identify three things from the articles that you think will be very important to consider when you participate in the discussion of a strategic plan within your organization in the future. Explain why you feel these “strengths” are important, giving support for your statements.


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