SCADA system

SCADA system Project outline
Table of Contents
Introduction     ( including problem statement that lead to the initiation of using that specific engineered system in the project/program)
1.    Project Objective
2.    Project Plan   
2.1    Project Scope   
2.2    Project Phases   
2.3    Deliverables   
2.4    Recourses and Budget    
2.5    Project Activities   
2.6    Project WBS (up to 3 or 4 levels)
2.7  Objectives analysis    (Using the SWBS, List all the objectives in a structured tree format.  This is going to be under a header called (Objectives Analysis))
3.    System Architecture    
3.1    System Methodology   
3.2    System Elements and design
3.3    System’s Specifications and Requirement Analysis
3.4    System Allocation   
4.    Project Risk Management    
4.1    Risk Identification   
4.2    Root causes of Risks   
4.3    Risk Analysis   
4.4    Risk Mitigation Analysis   
4.5    Management Recommendation   
4.6    Approvals   


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