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In any new enterprise, we risk rejection. Change–any change–can be scary. After you watch Jia Jiang’s video

Link (Links to an external site.), answer these questions in a response of about two double-spaced pages.

As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “I have already made this paper too long, for which I must crave pardon, not having now time to make it shorter” (“If I Had More Time, I Would Have Written a Shorter Letter.” (2018.) Quote Investigator.…).

1. Three unknowns that have you worried about next semester/next year/next decade.

2. Three favorite stories from this video. Why did you like them? How might they apply to your life? (Note that when someone tells a story, they use words and you see pictures, hear sounds, or otherwise experience sensory data. More about this phenomenon soon.) For example, in Jia’s first example, “Borrow $100 from a Stranger.” I like the story of the security guard as a “chubby, lovable guy” because even in the midst of terror (asking $100 from a stranger!), people are still human. And chubby. And lovable.

3. Tell about a time a stranger was kind to you.

4. Tell about a time you were kind to a stranger. Tell little stories with some detail, like Jia did, so reader can see the scene.

5. What are the chances that some strangers will be kind to you at ASU?

6. Given the findings on growth mindset, what’s one step you might take to overcome your fear of rejection?


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response to jia jiang – The Nursing Hub
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