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 Hello Professor and Classmates.
This week I selected case 10 to talk about. Kirk has developed an alcohol dependency. Some of the systematic barriers that impacts treatment is the inability to receive in treatment care for alcohol dependency. It is not easy to get in to see a health care professional due to lack of coverage, this makes it difficult for patients to get an appointment. Counselors and Psychologists are usually booked leaving people who actually need inpatient treatment to utilize other programs that does not suit their healthcare needs at the time. This systematic barrier causes a plethora of other issues for the individual needing treatment. In Kirk’s situation, he was able to receive treatment but often times depending on the area that a person lives in they may face a similar systematic barrier to treatment. Another systematic barrier that could impact treatment is a lack of communication between service providers. Getting medical records and other documentation to impatient care facilities in a timely manner is key to treatment at times. Most Counselors and psychologists have a case load that they follow. Making time to see patients can become somewhat of an issue if documentation is not in order. This also slows down the process when making diagnosis and treatment plans for the diagnosis.
Some of the issues impacting treatment from a sociopolitical perspective is poverty. People who live in poverty are said to not be able to afford health care and their issues go untreated as a result of their inability to pay for treatment. One of the major topics that has been in the news for the past few years is health insurance. People who do not have it are penalized on their income tax. People who live in poverty may be able to benefit from programs such as Alcohol Anonymous but that is likely all they will be able to do without having health care insurance. Another element to add to this topic is people who are arrested for DUI’s. The state may require a person with an alcohol addiction and who is arrested for drinking and driving, the option to go to treatment. If the situation is not bad enough, meaning the person is placed in a treatment facility by the state, they may be required to pay for their treatment out of pocket. This may strain the person and their family financially which may result in a relapse of their issue and they may began drinking again which would place them in the same position they were in at first or worse due to stress.
I did not pick up any multicultural issues that would impact Keith specifically but there are issue that can arise and prevent or stall treatment. When looking at the Micro system we have to look at how Keith views himself and the world around him. His issues may be the result of the way he views the world and if this is the case we will have to develop a treatment plan that addresses the way Keith views himself. When looking at the Mesosystem we must take into account the factors that impact the way that Keith views himself and develop a plan to address them accordingly. When looking at the Macro system we have to take into account all cultural aspects that may impact Keith’s situation (Berk, L.E., 2000).
If I were to advocate for Keith, the first thing that I would do is address his drinking habits. I would recommend counseling after I identify the root of Keith’s drinking. Keith’s past likely impacts his views which causes him to drink and due the circumstances he drinks. Counseling alone will not help Keith’s situation because he has relationship issues as well. Connecting Keith and his significant other up with a family life specialist will likely help their relationship. There are two aspects to fix, the fist is Keith’s drinking habits and the second is his relationship. I would not be against medication either but I would attempt to assist Keith without the use of psychoactive medication.
Carl D. Nelson Jr.
Berk, L.E. (2000). Child Development (5th ed.). Boston: Allyn and Bacon

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