research paper using ASA format with 5 double spaced |

select one of the following questions.The paper will require you use the book and 2 to 4 outside sources.Book name is Sociology:The Essetials 9th Edition. The source can be obtained from magazines,newspapers, books and internet. Proper citations and reference page will be required. The style that you should use to write your paper is ASA format. Your paper should be 5 double space pages, not including the cover page and reference page, no abstract required. The font should be Times New Roman 12.

1.”Norms” are component of culture.One of the most discussed “norms” is the gender specific dressing of children. Discuss why gender specific dressing children is an issue in our society.Do you agree with this act?why or why not?

2. Media has a large impact on “Americans” in the U.S. choose one area(Ethnicity, class,gender,or culture) and discuss the impact that media has.

3. Family is often discussed as a positive or negative in socialization. Discuss how family impacts the socialization of a child.( beliefs,differences, status,etc)(e.g. Feral Kids)

4. Using exchange theory as a guide discuss how people maximize benefit. please pick a social institution for your discussion.

5.Is there gender quality in the punishment of crimes?use an example to discuss.

6.Does “American” society promote inequality?why or why not?pick a social institution and discuss.

7. College and universities have many different types of organization, select one and discuss the structure of the organization and what is strive to do. Is it successful?Why or why not?

8.Discuss how your roles affect how you function within society.Use examples to support your discussion.

9. Is drug use deviance or a crime?Discuss using an example.

research paper using ASA format with 5 double spaced |
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