research paper on mutual influences of media and globalization. Needs to be 7 pages.

Need an research paper on mutual influences of media and globalization. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism. The twentieth century is undoubtedly one of the most eventful and revolutionary periods in global history, across all aspects including social, political, as well as economic. The series of wars, invasions, and illnesses that spread far and wide cost millions of lives and irreparable damage to individuals. However, this particular period in ancient history, identified by increased voyages, the discovery of new sea routes and exotic lands, and abundance of wealth creation. bears an uncanny resemblance with the rapid development that took place in the twentieth century. Similar to the voyages and global exchange of goods and the world during that era also was known by the high level of competition between any given stages and the desire for increasingly more capital on the part of the traders (Ekins, 1992).

Thus, although the processes and the environment, as well as the technologies that existed during that era, are in no way any less than those carried out in recent times. The relative newness of the railroads, the newly invented compass used for navigational purposes, the invention of the telegraph, and the telephone during the past, deserves every bit of the fame that is today afforded to modern-day technology such as the Internet and the accompanying information revolution brought along with it (Harvey, 1995).

The virtualization of almost any economic activity that is in existence today is also not a new phenomenon as is always believed by the majority or as it appears often at first sight. A similar world, that enabled the traders across geographical borders to share almost real-time information existed as far back as during the 1870s when the invention of submarine telegraphs was first brought to the fore. Those inventions were known to integrate the financial markets as is seen today, over a century later than when it was first discovered and used (Hirst & Thompson, 1996).

Although the sheer speed with which the Internet and the global modes of communication and transport enable and empower the markets of today are unbeatable and unprecedented, the form and structure of trade agreements, that first came into exist existence between major world markets during the 1990s, via the introduction of novel lending and borrowing practices, as well as the investment and lending approach were no less, as compared to those that existed almost a century ago.

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