Religion Class writing assignment help

Each question must have reference when needed.

Who were the Hyksos? What role might they have played in the early history of Israel?

What are the four major divisions of Palestine from west to east?

How did the Shephelah function in biblical times to protect the area of Judah?

What were the two major north-south roads in ancient Palestine, and why were they so important?

Compare the portraits of God in 1:1-2:4a to those in 2:4b-3:25. What do they say about Israel’s understanding of God?

What is the theological importance of the biblical Flood story?

How are the covenant accounts in Genesis 13:14-17, 15:17-21, and 17:1-21 alike, and how do they differ?

How do you account for the similarities between the stories about Sarah and the Pharaoh (Gen. 12:14-20), Sarah and Abimelech (20:1-18), and Rebekah and Abimelech (26:6-11)?

How do the stories about Joseph differ from other patriarchal stories?


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Religion Class writing assignment help
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