Project overview…. week 2 | Operations Management homework help

Pros and Cons of Managed Care in America
Challenges in Managing Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
Challenges in Managing Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)
Problems in Network Contracting for Managed Care
Legal Issues Associated With Managed Care Contracting
Challenges in Utilization and Case Management in Managed Care
Approaches to Disease Management in Managed Care
Managing Quality Improvement in Managed Care
Achieving Effective Marketing and Sales in Managed Care
Achieving and Maintaining Accreditation in Managed Care
Preventing Fraud and Abuse in Managed Care
Complying With State and Federal Regulation of Managed Care
Problems in Medicare Managed Care
Problems in Medicaid Managed Care
Effective Information Systems in Managed Care
Challenges in Patient Relations for Managed Care
Challenges in Provider Relations for Managed Care
The COVID-19 crisis of 2020 and Managed Care

Topic and Outline (Week 2): 150 points
It is expected that you will provide a focused topic, including a statement of the key challenges or problems currently associated with the topic in America. 
It is expected that the outline be submitted in a formal outline format as demonstrated below. Your outline should show enough detail to demonstrate that you have begun thinking about the organization of your paper and the research required into the topic. After your outline, please submit a listing of the sources you have already identified for your paper.

Each Roman numeral should be a main section of the paper.


Details Related to the Subpoint
Details of Subpoint


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