Professional Jurors

Professional jurors = those that get paid to sit on juries. It’s a job basically. One I wouldn’t mind having part time when I retire. Basically you hire folks as a juror for civil or criminal court and get paid a salary. You go to work every day and hear cases or if you are part time you go periodically and hear cases. You get paid a salary, benefits, etc. from the state or federal government. Bottom line you are an employee of the court system. No different than if you were the bailiff or court reporter, some other paid position in the government. With professional jurors that would mean that you could hire people with bachelors degree in Criminal Justice that have an understanding of what is going on rather than getting some person off the street with a GED and clueless as we now have. As for a jury of your peers, if we really wanted a jury of your peers for these criminals, then we’d go into the prison system and recruit out of there for juries. Think about are not a peer of any criminal unless it’s a white collar offense.

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