Power of Attorney for Health Care

Introduction- 1-2 paragraph (3-5 sentences) that must contain a thesis statement.

Evidence Body paragraphs- 10-15 paragraphs (3-5 sentences) each paragraph must have a topic sentence.

Conclusion- 1-2 paragraph (3-5 sentences) must restate the thesis and wrap-up the whole essay.

Total of Essay:  12-19 paragraphs; 36-95 sentences; about 1000-1500 words 4-10 pages.

Please note the following criteria:
1.    The paper must be typed or word-processed.
2.    The paper should include a cover sheet with your name, date and title of your work.
3.    The paper should be doubled spaced. 
4.    The paper should have each paragraph indented (5 spaces).
5.    At least 5 works cited in APA style.


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