Physical therapy assistant student homework research paper?


PAPER MUST BE 2 pages double spaced

Each student is required to submit an individually completed research paper complete with references /citations from peer reviewed medical or therapy journals.

Using the patient scenario below:

1. Discuss the condition/diagnosis in terms of basic information, pathology, phases of healing.

2. Identify and define 3 modalities, the source of energy for each modality as well as its method of transference into the body.

3. Correlate the interventions chosen with the condition and the rationale for the choices based on that particular condition or diagnosis.

4. Identify the physiological effects delivered to the body for each modality.

5. Identify therapeutic goals as appropriate (indications) for your patient needs for each modality identified.

6. Indicate each physical modality treatment parameters and include supportive statements for your choice of these parameters.

7. Discuss all treatment precautions/contraindications that are appropriate for your patient.

8. Provide a summary based on research of the literature for the efficacy of each modality and provide all appropriate citations.

Patient Scenario

Mrs. Leo is 28 year-old female tennis player with a diagnosis of acute right humeral lateral epicondylitis and mild adhesive capsulitis of the right shoulder.

Subjective: The patient reports 4/10 right lateral elbow pain and right shoulder stiffness at rest, increasing to 6/10 pain with overhead reaching.

Clinical Findings: AROM is normal for right elbow and forearm; 120o glenohumeral abduction and 40o degrees of glenohumeral internal and external rotation. The glenohumeral joint capsule has moderate palpable scar adhesions. The right upper trapezius has moderate hypertonus secondary to abnormal scapulohumeral rhythm. Girth measurements over the lateral epicondyles: L = 16 cm and R = 19 cm. MMT: R wrist extension = 4/5, glenohumeral flexion and abduction = 4/5

Therapy Goals: Decrease right elbow and shoulder pain, decrease right lateral elbow inflammation, restore normal right upper trapezius muscle tone, establish normal glenohumeral rhythm, redeuce right glenohumeral capsular adhesions, decrease inflammation and swelling in area of right lateral epicondyle, normalize ROM of the right shoulder and elbow, and patient education and home program instruction.

Plan of Care: Provide physical agents and procedures to accomplish the therapy goals.

  • Pain reduction: cryotherapy to right elbow, thermal agents to right shoulder
  • Inflammation control: Iontophoresis to right lateral epicondyle with cortisone, cryotherapy to right elbow, ultrasound (pulsed, 3 MHz) to lateral epicondyle area
  • Resolve adhesions: ultrasound (continuous), soft tissue manipulation
  • Normalize upper trapezius tone: electrical stimulation, ultrasound (continuous), EMG muscle reeducation when performing scapulohumeral motion
  • Additional Requirements:

  • Include your assigned patient information at the beginning of the paper.
  • Follow rubric criteria
  • Physical therapy assistant student homework research paper?
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