Org Behavior

Through a 10-page (minimum) typed paper, each student will show an understanding of organizational behavior. The paper will analyze The Woodson Foundation, the NCPIE, and the schools and provide two reports, as described under “Your Assignment” on page 682. Each student is expected to use APA style guidelines. The student will defend and support conclusions and recommendations rationally with the sources they find in academic literature.

The analysis should include:

An introductory paragraph, including a brief explanation of the primary organizational behavior issues to be solved
Definition of organizational behavior concepts that relate to the case, including but not limited to:
Team formation (including candidate profiles and effective selection)
Team performance
Organizational culture
Proposal for team formation and implementation with these organizations
Leadership principles
Development team report
Program team report
Points CC-17 through 23 should be answered in your paper
Conclusion summarizing the paper
The paper must show evidence of scholarly research and be supported by a minimum of six academic (peer-reviewed journals and the textbook) sources, along with periodical/magazine articles, books/e-books, personal interviews, and a limited number of reliable websites (if there is no author, it is not acceptable).


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