Module 2

In your own words, describe nine learning experiences that cover each of the following:

RC II-1: Science/Sensory
RC II-2: Language and Literacy
RC II-3: Creativity
RC II-4: Fine Motor (please choose an indoor activity)
RC II-5: Gross Motor (please choose an outdoor activity)
RC II-6: Self-Concepts
RC II-7: Emotional Skills/Regulation
RC II-8: Social Skills
RC II-9: Math


For each activity, indicate the age group (3s, 4s, or 5s) and list the intended goals, materials, and process/teaching strategies. For each activity, specify how it is developmentally appropriate for that age group. I chose 4 and 5 year olds.

Format: Be sure the format and organization of your assignment are clear and include the following information:

The title “Resource Collection RC-II: Nine Learning Experiences”
Your name
Proper spelling and grammar to present a professional file item


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