Mapping Trade Routes

There were 2 key international trade routes running through Israel during Old Testament times (King & Stager, pages 176-177). The first was the Way of the Sea (Isaiah 9:1 and compare Matthew 4:15) and the second was the Kings Highway (Numbers 20:11, 21:22).

Download the Ancient Near East Map (linked as a PDFPreview the document and a PowerpointPreview the document for your convenience).

Complete the map by illustrating both of these international trade routes from their beginning in Egypt (the Nile) to Mesopotamia and down the Euphrates to Ur as they travel through Israel/Canaan and Damascus. Label key locations, especially in the land of Canaan, that these 2 trade routes connected or ran through. Upload your completed map to this assignment. Be sure to put your name on the assignment.


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