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Design and Analysis of Algorithms Nov. 2, 2020
Programming Assignment
Email the source code of your program, along with the PDF document
containing your running time analysis (see below), to [email protected]
by Nov 11, 2020 at 11:59PM.
Implement a computer program (in either Python, Java, or C/C++) that allows the
user to run the three sorting algorithms presented in class: Bubble Sort, Mergesort
and either Quicksort or Heapsort. Allow the user to choose the size of the input
array. Your program should fill out the array with random numbers and then run the
three algorithms on such an array.
(a) Your program should be able to check whether the sorted (output) arrays
obtained by each algorithm are equal.
(b) If the output arrays are not the same, that will signal the errors in your
implementation. Otherwise, print out the first 20 elements of the output
sorted array.
(c) For each input array, your program should track and output the number of key
comparisons performed by each algorithm.
(d) Report the CPU time for each algorithm side by side using clock() (or JAVA’s
(e) Repeat the above process for arrays of sizes i * 1,000 where i =1, 5, 10, 15, 20,
25, 30 (you are also free to choose your own test sample sizes, if you want).
Create a separate PDF document that summarizes the output of your
algorithm in the table below.
1,000 5,000 … 30,000
Bubble Sort # comps: time:
# comps: time:
… # comps: time:
Mergesort # comps: time:
# comps: time:
… # comps: time:
Quicksort (or Heapsort)
# comps: time:
# comps: time:
… # comps: time:

(f) Include in the same document any observations regarding the running times
of your three programs. For instance, explain how the results of your analysis
relate to the asymptotic running times of the three algorithms.
Your source code should be readable, properly formatted and spaced with sufficient
documentation (at least 25% of lines should be documented). Follow the best
programming practices in object oriented design and naming of methods and


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Management homework help
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