Malaria consortium

As we prepare the assignment this week it is important to understand the importance of other means of collecting and delivering the report results. Please review the video and links at the Malaria Consortium website and the BetterEvaluation website. How can you best incorporate media into your evaluation from start to finish? Do you see if more useful in qualitative vs quantitative pursuits? Does it help explain and support your process and findings? How so? Choose several points in your evaluation process. How would you incorporate media into them to improve the process? How would you use Adobe Creative Cloud apps or other options to produce that result? Did you consider the stakeholder and their knowledge base? Delivery method availability? What other considerations did you take into account to decide which means of media you would us to supplement your data collection, dissemination, reporting, etc.? Does it meet Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 compliance requirements? Do the examples provided? What other problems do you see with the above examples you should avoid?

Please see the links below for reference:

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