LA108 Monroe College Anxiety Disorder writing assignment |

After watching an episode frommental disorder   the television show Monk  ($1.99 to view an episode) or another television show, movie or video of your choice that depicts a person with an anxiety disorder (such as the movie As Good As It Gets), discuss how accurate some aspect of the portrayal of the anxiety disorder was in the show.

Here is a student’s resource that  is free:

The writing assignment must include the information below and must be in no less than 250 words.

1.  Choose  two aspects of anxiety disorder (portrayal of symptoms; course of the disorder; response to treatment; impact of social support; or another aspect of the disorder) identified in the show. 

2. Skip 2 lines

3. Write an evaluation of the disorder and support your argument with information from scientific source(s) –  journal articles, website and NOT just a textbook).  The evaluation should clarify the aspect of the disorder.  

3. Skip 2 lines

4.  At the end of your evaluation, tell how  the show is an accurate or inaccurate portrayal of the disorder

5.  Answer all questions, explain and give as much factual details, examples and perhaps your life experiences.

6. Use APA writing format.

7.  Do not copy and paste information.  Paraphrase the information. Support your work with in-text citations and the reference page.

LA108 Monroe College Anxiety Disorder writing assignment |
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