in 250 words or more consider a current or future change you are involved with at work church or home and discuss what are the individual team and organizational challenges

In 250 words or more Consider a current or future change you are involved with (at work, church or home) and discuss what are the individual, team, and organizational challenges that you face. Do not use the same example from previous forums. An example would be where your division at work is combined with another existing division. What are the challenges of this merger for you (the individual), your work team, and the organization’s management?
In 250 words or more using the attachment (login information for the ebook is username Richard149 password Ghost1499!! if it ask) Describe (in your own words) the four strategies that firms have available when they enter international markets. What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of each? Be sure to address the four strategies and not the entry modes. Use your own words. No quotes please.… the link does not work you will need to log into my school website and click on the class MGMT410 and find your way to forum 5 that’s where the link is to the chapters
Website is name is 4546925Password is Ghost1499


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