importace of configuration control in test amp evaluation

After reading chapters 8 and Section 5.4 of MIL-STD-973, why is Configuration Control important and necessary in the T&E acquisition process? Initial post must be 280 words or more.

Chapter 8, Section 5.4

What about that Acquisition Process?

Sean Carberry (2016) describes some issues with the Acquisition process in his essay published in the Washington Technology online magazine.  This action is about the split up of the DOD Office of Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics (AT&L).

The change is “that by Feb. 1, 2018, the Undersecretary of AT&L job will be split into two positions: the undersecretary for research and engineering and the undersecretary for acquisition and sustainment” (para. 4).

Senator John McCain (R – Arizona) seems to be the voice that leads to this breakup. His argument stems from how we did such weapons and military systems manufacturing during the Cold War is no longer relevant. That times have changed due to many players in the field of military developments and instant communications around the world. He makes the point about how we have to lead the world in innovation since the end of WWII, but now it may be shifting; it is shifting. Innovation no longer seems to be the sole dominating factor in US manufacturing and technology development. 

Do You Share in this Change this Story?

Do you share this opinion that comes from this spit? Do you share the conclusions that Senator McCain used to help split this organization? He contends that the mission of the acquisition process “has grown too big, tries to do too much, and is too focused on compliance at the expense of innovation” (para. 6). What do you think? If your career is one of those who are in the T&E field, let us hear from you. During this week’s Forum discussion, you can throw in your opinion on this spit of responsibilities. You can talk about innovation and how we as the US are or are not in charge of innovation anymore. 

Conflict in Real Time? 

This issue is far from over. The White House in May 2017 issued a statement on this change saying, “These changes would roll back the acquisition reforms of the last two decades and risk returning the Department to an era in which overly optimistic cost estimates, inadequate system engineering and developmental testing, inappropriate reliance on immature technologies, ineffective contractor management, and lack of focus on life-cycle costs by the military departments led to explosive cost growth and the failure of multiple major defense acquisition programs” (para. 8).

Do you think President Trump who is dedicated to streamlining the acquisition process, is going to back this change by Senator  McCain this year? One of the key issues this year does seem to be the costs associated with the acquisition process. Do you think that innovation as a concept has grown to such an extent that this change is needed? Do you agree that such a change might increase costs in the acquisition process? Or is cost a tradeoff between having innovative technology improvements or not? 

Think about this current events situation. It is current that is for 2017 until 2020 at least. This conflict goes to the heart of efficient and effective configuration control within the acquisition process.  Look up current news stories and proposed changes to the regulations that you live under now.


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