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January 16, 2021

Discussion: Develop Your Implicit Personality Theory

Write a short essay (no more than 300 words) summarizing your own theory of personality.

To help formulate your theory, consider your answer to these questions: Why do you think people act the way they do?; What do people strive for, and how they develop these strivings?; Do unconscious motivations play a role?; What causes psychopathology, or maladjustment?; What is the role of nature vs. nurture?
After you have developed your theory, evaluate it according to each of the Six Dimension for a Concept of Humanity described in the text.
(1) First dimension is determinism versus free choice
(2) A second issue is one of pessimism versus optimism
(3) A third dimension for viewing a theorist’s concept of humanity is causality versus teleology
(4) A fourth consideration; conscious versus unconscious determinants of behavior.
(5) the fifth question is one of biological versus social influences on personality.
(6) A sixth issue is uniqueness versus similarities

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Implicit Personality Theory | nursing writers
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