How to live to be 100+, assignment help

This week you learned from Dan Buettner’s TED Lecture: How to live to be 100+.
As you reflect on your readings and your own personal and professional experiences with others consider this week’s learning objectives and describe how the material from this week challenged you, corrected myths and/or concerned you. What are some of the new questions that are now arising for you? (Please note you may use “I” as this week’s post is meant to be reflective.)
Then search the literature to find evidence based practices and interventions that would help you to answer your questions and concerns as if you were going to create change that would increase or enhance the life span of Americans.
Cite the text when appropriate for the discussion prompt above. Cite at least two relevant peer-reviewed journal articles to achieve maximum points for this assignment
Be sure that you have addressed all parts of the required response.

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