history study guide 1 – Top Premier Essays

Key Terms and Concepts: New Ideas

Luther: Reformation’s impact on new science and learning. (Powerpoint)

Bacon: Inductive Method

Newton: Principia Mathematica

Rousseau: Social Contract

Locke: Essays Concerning Human Understanding

Smith: Wealth of Nations

RGH #3: How does Galileo defend himself against the attacks of the Church and theology?

RGH #6: According to Thomas Paine what is deism? What is the only thing, he argues, we should all believe in? How does he dismiss the principal messages of the three main religions?

Answer these key terms and ideas

http://ux.brookdalecc.edu/fac/history/drgeorge/Pod… This link is for the powerpoint


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history study guide 1 – Top Premier Essays
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