*For Zeek* Case Study Assignment

For Zeek Case Study Assignment

Fieldwork portion attached: Language is boundlessly diverse and always changing, and to fully understand linguistics, we must move beyond theory and engage with individuals as they learn and use language. To this effect, you will be working with a student or second language learner. Through all of these elements, be sure to pay particular attention to language structure and acquisition.

Fieldwork Journal (100 points)

There are two main components of the Fieldwork Journal: (1) notes, and (2) reflection and analysis. During these hours of engagement, you should be taking detailed notes (attached). In addition to your notes, you will include a reflection on your experience this week and/or analysis of the student or partner’s use of language and acquisition process. Topics may include stage of language acquisition, progress and regression, response to difficulty, points of cultural interest, connections to the textbook and other class subjects, and any surprising linguistic moments or idiosyncrasies.

Case Study (200 points)

The primary writing portion of this assignment is a case study designed to provide the opportunity to apply your knowledge of language structure and acquisition in a hands-on context. You will write a detailed analysis of this individual or individuals, including his or her linguistic behaviors, relationships with peers and instructor, and stage of language development, distinctive language markers, in both written and oral contexts. Also consider factors such as culture, family, school environment, age, gender, ethnicity, language spoken in the home, and other personal and demographic information. When possible, analyze writing samples by your subject/partner, and potentially from his/her peers, to gather contextual information. Your case study should be a collection of descriptive data as well as an analysis and evaluation of this information in a 4-6 page essay in MLA or APA format.

*Please use textbook topics such as these to incorporate into the analysis:




-First & Second Language Acquisition

-Language Acquisition Theories/theorists such as:

· Noam Chomsky

· Structural Linguistics

· Transformational/Generative Linguistics

· Cognitive Linguistics

· Prescriptive/Traditional Linguistics

· The “universal grammar”

· Behaviorism

· Social Interactionism

-Historical linguistics

Attached is a SAMPLE case study from my teacher for reference of what should be included in the paper along with pics of textbook pages to use as a source for analysis AND my fieldwork observations (handwritten and typed)

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