Fish Oil Omega 3 – Proven Research Benefits


You have heard about the amazing benefits of Fish Oil Omega 3, and now its time to prove base on research what these benefits are. Knowing that this amazing supplement is needed by your body to work better, it is important to know what it can do to make you healthy. 

Research has never stopped their quests to prove its worth in terms health application. The more they research the more new things they encounter, that make it more healthful benefits. 

Research proves that daily in take of fish oil omega 3 will reduce pain and inflammation; this is in the case of arthritis and rheumatism. The EPA creates a positive response to inflammation, through various mechanical processes; it regulates pain such as in condition where there is an inflamed part of our body. One example of this is arthritis.

Research proves that fish oil omega 3 works wonder to patients suffering from heart disease. It works on our cardiovascular system by thinning out the blood that flows from the arteries to the heart and from the heart to different organs. In the process, it lower blood cholesterol, balances triglycerides, and lowers blood pressure while increasing the amount of good cholesterol.

It was also found out during research that, it significantly controls the onset of heart attack. What it does is to clean out plaque build up on the arteries. When this clots, (medical term for it is ‘thrombosis’) blocks the arterial wall, the person will suffer cardiovascular accident or stroke in layman’s term. 

The use of fish oil omega 3, backed by research says that, it aid in proper brain functioning. Just a trivia, if you have sufficient supply of fish oil omega 3, you are most likely to be intelligent. Research show that it aid in memory, thus delaying the onset of memory gap to adults, helps child with ADHD, and it also helps mentally anxious people. 

Research proves that the use of omega 3, help psychotic person to normalize its thinking and help to cope up depression. A person who is suffering from depression reacts positively with daily dose of fish oil.

It was also proved on research that it lowers the incidence of birth defect and disorders. Take for example a child with ADHD. After a month of daily intake of omega 3, the condition has significantly improved.

During research, it was also proven that, some cancers are reduced like breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. It works by stopping the alteration of healthy cells.


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