Final Project Plan

inal Project: The Final Project will be due in Module 8. It will consist of a Final Project Plan and a PowerPoint Presentation.

The Final Project Plan will summarizing all the Running Case submissions. To complete the Final Project Plan, each student should edit and compile all the completed Running Cases into one summary report on their Microsoft Project Running Cases. This project plan will include the edited and finalized components of what each student created in the separate parts of the Running Cases. Students discuss the Saint Leo core value of excellence as they complete their summary.

Note that some parts of what each student completed in their Running Cases will not necessarily appear in the Final Project Plan. For example, the material in Chapter 4 is an important task but is not relevant for the Final Project Plan. Similarly, in Chapter 5, each students was given an original WBS and then required to change it. In this example, only the WBS that the student changed should be included in the Final Project Plan. Students must also submit a PowerPoint Presentation showing the major results of the Final Project Plan. This is a typical process for presenting any material to management. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words. The PowerPoint Presentation should highlight the major points of the Final Project Plan. Students should expect questions and either cover them in the presentation or be prepared to answer them from their instructor. Limit the presentation to no more than ten slides with no more than eight items per slide (not including the first slide which should list the project title and your name).


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