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Exercise 7.3: Filling the Human Gap

  1. You work for a medium seized manufacturing company that has a well developed DR plan. The plan is well tested and the testing has revealed a serious personnel gap
  2. During a recovery, key personnel in the manufacturing process are unionized, and the collective bargaining agreement does not specify either payment for union employees or the use of alternative personnel during emergencies.
  3. Provide a well-reasoned argument that would allow your company to use nonunion workers or allow the company to correct the personnel gap during an emergency.

Project 7.1: Overcoming Flaws

  1. There are risks to any company’s recovery location. Identify a company in your area and ask about it’s recovery location.
  2. List the risks associated with the company’s choice of recovery location and possible mitigation strategies.


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Filling the Human Gap – My Nursing Experts
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