Has your guy hinted to you that he would like you to try talking dirty in bed? Does the thought of this make you want to run the other way? Do you feel like you’re too shy to ever be able to do this right? Talking dirty can be intimidating at first, but it is really nothing more than flooring verbally and communicating how he makes you feel during sex. I will give you some examples of dirty talk that you can practice before you get started so you’re confident and ready-to-go.

When you look at me like that I get hot from head to toe.

The sense of your skin gives me a shiver that I can’t control.

I want you to ride me hard.

Slide your tongue along my…(use your imagination)

These examples of dirty talk are just meant to give you something to practice. You will need to use your imagination and just say what you feel as it comes into your head while you are having sex.

The words that you say while talking dirty are not really what is important. It is the way that you say them that will set your guy on fire. Practice finding your sexy voice and get comfortable hearing yourself talk with your hot, sexy tone. The more you do it the more natural it will become. And, I can guarantee that when you see the affect the words and tone have on your man it will make you want to continue. And in turn, your partner will want to return the favor. This combination will take your sexual relationship to a place it has never been before. Your relationship in the bedroom and out will have a stronger bond and a closeness you may have never thought possible.



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