Ethical Thinking in the Liberal Arts

Questions 1 and 2 are required.Choose either 3 or 4.1. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of Natural Law and tell why you agree (or disagree) with this ethical theory.2. Discuss the core aspects that comprise virtue ethics. Also, analyze one primary strength and one principal weakness of this ethical theory.3. Describe two main types of ethical relativism and assess one or more problems with each type.4. Discuss how contemporary ethical relativism contrasts with the Christian worldview.Each question must be answered with 250-300 words. Make sure to write as clearly and specifically as possible and provide references.STUDY MATERIALSRead Chapters 8 and 11 in Beyond Bumper Sticker Ethics.Read Part I (Socrates, Plato, Aristotle) and Part II (Augustine, Aquinas) in The Story of Ethics: Fulfilling Our Human Nature.Read “Plato” by Kemerling from the Philosophy Pages Britannica (2011). URL: “Aristotle: Ethics and the Virtues” by Kemerling from The Philosophy Pages (2011). URL: “Aristotle: Ethics and the Virtues” by Kemerling from The Philosophy Pages (2011). URL: “Natural Law” by Porter from the Cambridge Dictionary of Christian Theology (2011). URL:


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