erm amp amp data science assignment

Q1. Please provide an example of both a Type I Error and Type II Error. Why is it that increasing the sample size reduces the probability of a Type II error to an acceptable level. Please discuss.

Requirement: It should be at least 250 words.and topic should be related to Data Analytics

Deadline: 12 hours

Q2. please review Figure 2-1: Key roles for a successful analytics project. Select a data analytics of your choice and discuss how the following roles add value to this initiative: Business User, Project Sponsor, Project Manager, Business Intelligence Analyst, Database Administrator, and Data Engineer. Again, please note that you will discuss specific activities that each of these roles may perform on a data analytics project that you select.


– Typed in a word document.

– Please write in APA Style and include at least three (3) reputable sources.

– The complete paper should be between 350-to-500-words.

Deadline: 2 Days & Image Attached

Text Book :…

Enterprise Risk Management:

Q3. For this discussion, you will need to read Chapter 3 of the text on ERM at Mars, Incorporated. ERM for Strategy and Operations.

For the discussion, note the major principles for the design of an ERM process that were discerned by Senior Management at Mars. From your reading of the case study report on how each of the principles was realized or not and why?

External research may also be used and applied to this case to support opinions. Cite any research using APA format. Should be 350 words.

Deadline: 1 and half day.

Pages: 39 – 58

Text Book Link:…


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erm amp amp data science assignment
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