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Immersive engagement in topics we are trying to better understand has been known to be one of the most creative and dynamic ways to take in knowledge about a subject. Examples of this type of engagement emphasize the use of the body and its reactions to different subject matter and can include everyday activities, performances, and other embodied knowledge. In this spirit, your assignment is to take your body (and mind – due to Covid and the limitations of engaging in various events) on an experience that hosts “commodified” sexuality – activities that are socially acceptable and can be seen as a treat, rather than a deviant punishment. This assignment asks that you expand on your comfort level. Preferably, this activity should be something new to you.

For this assignment, please choose one of the following activities: read through a pornographic magazine, watch a pornographic video, read a an adult erotic/sex novel, participate in an online sex toy party, or listen to an erotic podcast [nice list available here: https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/best-erotic-podcasts].

Following that experience, write a reflective 3-page minimum paper related to the activity you chose and your feelings about participating. Why did you select this activity? Was it easy for you to participate? What did you like about it? Did any of it feel awkward? What makes it “ok” for you to do this activity? Would you recommend others participate in this activity? Would you have done something different if there were no judgment or other implications; how come?

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Engaging mind and body | nursing writers
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