Early Childhood Education Administrator Edu1 Week 1 Discussion 1 Response R W

Review your classmates’ posts and write a minimum 150-word response.  Suggest two or three resources that your classmates may utilize to help build their writing/research/APA citing skills, websites, tools, or other techniques you use that could help them prepare their written assignments.

I would like to improve my Grammar skills when I write. In particular, I would like to train myself to avoid run-ons and comma splices. I can remember my English teacher in High School reminding me to make sure that I was writing complete sentences and that I was using the correct punctuations.

Reading about how to fix run-ons and comma splices were very helpful to me. I found out that by putting a period and then a capital letter to separate the sentences that I had written would fix the problem of having a run-on sentence.

 I also like the acronym, FANBOYS. Remembering this word will remind me to use a comma before the words; for, and, nor, but, or, yet, and so to also fix a run- on sentence. I have begun using Grammarly. When I began writing, I just brainstorm so that I will not forget what I am thinking. Afterwards, I look at my work and make sure that my communication is clear. Using Grammarly as a check-up tool helps me to feel reassured that my paper is error free, and this helps to boost my confidence in that, I am submitting quality work.

 I feel that improving my writing skills in these two areas will help me in my studies here as Ashford because I will have become a better writer and this will help me as I communicate my thoughts and ideas to others

It is my goal to become an Early Childhood Education Administrator. Therefore, I will be called upon to provide written communication to staff, co-workers, and potential parents. It is important that I apply myself to understand why and how to use correct punctuation as I write. When writing, I want my message to be clear and without grammatical errors. 


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Early Childhood Education Administrator Edu1 Week 1 Discussion 1 Response R W
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