Draw red arrows that depict wind patterns that would be created in the N. hemisphere if there were no influence from the Coriois effect

Geography Coursework 5 pages/1375 words

Phys Geog Exam 2 – Use any resource EXCEPT another person; cite the source to avoid plagiarism. Exams are to be delivered to Blackboard (Browse > Attach > submit) before 11:59:00 PM, Tuesday Nov 8, 2016. NO CREDIT for late exams.

1 Use the globe below to answer the following questions.
Illustrate the cross-sectional air flow of the 3 N. hemisphere atmospheric circulation cells (3 pts)
Draw red arrows that depict wind patterns that would be created in the N. hemisphere if there were no influence from the Coriois effect (3 pts)
Draw blue arrows depicting wind patterns as they actually exist in the N. hemisphere due to the influence of the Coriolis effect (3 pts)

90o N

60o N

30o N


30o S

60o S

Explain why low pressure and warm temperature at the Equator lead to high precipitation. (6 pts)

Air masses are developing over the following geographic regions. Classify the air masses as cT, mP, mT, or cP. (4 pts)

a.) Gulf of Mexico

b.) offshore Seattle, WA (North Pacific Ocean)

c.) Alberta, Canada

d.) Albuquerque, NM

Is there a difference in physical state between H2O existing as water vapor and H2O existing in a cloud? Please explain your reasoning. (6 pts)


Use the saturation line diagram below to answer several questions. Show your work for full credit.
An air mass has a temperature of 75oF. It currently contains 10 grams of water vapor per m3. What is the relative humidity of this air mass? (5 pts)

What would the relative humidity of this air mass be if its temperature were increased to 100o F? (5 pts)

What is the dew point of the air mass? (5pts)

Overnight, the temperature is expected to drop to freezing (32oF). How much water vapor (in g/m3) do you expect the air mass to lose? (5 pts)

Following is a partially-completed, quasi-3D diagram that shows a low pressure and high pressure system in the Southern Hemisphere. The arrows represent direction of wind flow on the ground surface

(3 pts) Which system would produce low pressure?
(3 pts) Which system would produce high pressure?
iii. (4 pts) Draw the direction of vertical airflow in each system – See red arrows below

“A” “B” Upper atmosphere

Earth surface

Using the sketch map of the United States below, please do the following:
(5 pts) Draw the approximate outline of “Tornado Alley”.
(5 pts) On the map below, draw (or insert) a cross-sectional picture or view through the cold front along the line A-A’, including related clouds and airflow patterns
(5 pts) Using the cross section, explain why so many tornadoes form there.


Cold Front


Hurricane “Ruth” is approaching the New Jersey shore. Draw how the ocean surface will become distorted by the low pressure of the hurricane as it moves ashore. Once the hurricane comes ashore, what will be the single biggest danger to the residents? (hint – look back just one week!) (5 pts)


West East

????????????????????? ocean surface


Atlantic Ocean


The ancient Greeks subdivided the climate of the world into 5 zones. We have taken this classification and modified it slightly for more modern usage.
Draw (or use a figure to show) the Greek system on the LH globe (5 pts)
Show a simplified modern system on the RH globe that evolved from the Greeks (5 pts)
Make sure you clearly and accurately label the diagrams for full credit.

Greeks b. Modern

Arctic Circle

Tropic of Cancer


Tropic of Capricorn

Antarctic Circle

Use at least one specific example to describe how the modern system uses temperature and precipitation data to subdivide Greek zones and improve upon that system. (5 pts).

Your instructor has no idea what to wear when he goes to Tucson, AZ this summer. He asks you to 1) draw a climograph that would be representative of the annual climate there, and 2) name the climate zone. (10 pts)

100o 25”

Avg MonthlyTemp (oF) Precipitation (in/mo)

20o 5”


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