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12 Month Old Child Check Up with Stage 4 Tumor Neuroblastoma

Discuss the history that you would take on this child in preparation for the 12 month well-child visit. Include questions regarding her growth and development that are appropriate for her age.

Describe the developmental tool to be used for this 12 month old child, its reliability and validity and how Asia scored developmentally on this tool.

Is she developmentally appropriate for her age?

What immunizations will she will be getting at this visit?

What is the patient/family education/anticipatory guidance and follow-up will be receive?

Hello Follow instruction please;Cite your sources in your work and provide references for the citations in APA format with at least 6 references, no older than 5 years old.Apply information from the Case Studyin the attachment to know the history of the patient below and to do the discussion. The patient has had the following check- up already 2 months old, 4 month old and 9 month old checkup and I would like you to complete the discussion for her 12 month old check-up visits.

Below is part of the case study, you will find the remaining of the story in the case study.

When Patient comes back to see you for her 12-month checkup, you read the consultant notes from the pediatric hematology-oncology specialist: She has a Tumor, that was confirmed to be Stage 4S and lower-risk: She did not have the MYC-N gene amplification and had favorable histology. The family and oncologist decided together that because the primary tumor was large, resection was a better option than observation for resolution. Of course, Asia will be observed closely for the next several years to make sure that the metastatic lesions resolve and that the primary tumor does not recurred

Discussion question | essayontime.org
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