Discussion Question 3

Using your textbook and the library or internet resources, research one of the many varieties of mass wasting.

Explain how it works, what type of material is involved, and that type of movement. What regions might we find this type of mass wasting? Provide a real life example of an event of this type. Once again, make sure that you come up with an example that has not been discussed already.


  • Chapters 2.3, 3.1, 3.2, and 4 in Foundations of Earth Science,


  • Persichillo, M. G., Bordoni, M., Cavelli, M., Crema, S., & Meisina, C. (2018) Role of human activities on sediment connectivity of shallow landslides. Catena 160(1), 261-274.
  • Landslides and mudslides (2014). Investors Business Daily. p. A02.

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Discussion Question 3
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