Discussion 4 peer response | Humanities

Peer Response: Read and respond to at least 1 other classmate (min. 125 words). 

 Note: The peer response must contain relevant content as well. Avoid repeating (even in different words) what you wrote about in your main discussion, as part of the response to the classmate. Whether you agree or disagree with your peer’s discussion, add new content, new information to your peer’s discussion.  Add to the discussion.  Meaning, only an “I agree with you” or “Interesting findings” kind of comments do not fulfill the peer responses’ requirements.  Your reaction to a peer’s discussion must contain relevant content taken from the material learned this week or external sources. 
Tanadar Sriboonrod Discussion 4COLLAPSE
The Duomo is one of many iconic symbol of Florence. It was built in the 15th century and when it was built was considered the largest dome in the world. This dome covers Florence cathedral which is known as the Filippo Brunelleschi’s dome. It replaced a crumbling cathedral that was built in the 5th century. This project took a lot of work and effort in it because it started in 1296 but even then was without a dome by 1418. A competition was held to find architect who was up for the challenge of creating the dome for the building. Two main competitors were Filippo Brunelleschi and Lorenzo Ghiberti. Lorenzo was known for his work regarding the Baptistery doors while Filippo Brunelleschi had the support of the Medici. Moreover, there was an argument involved between the two but Brunelleschi continued to work on the dome for about sixteen years by using a 65 foot crane and lifting mechanisms. He took the challenges to creating the dome and was creative in the way he built it. The dome was blessed in 1436 and it was cause for celebration in the city. However, unfortunately. Brunelleschi passed away and was buried in the cathedral where his life’s work was. By being buried where his life’s work was gave inspiration and respect to him and many other hard working and creative architects. Furthermore, as you examine the dome, it was built with harmony and balance by the creators of it. It’s stable without the supporting structures architecturely.

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