Developing a Capstone Legacy Planning Assignment

My course is Integrated Capstone for health administration -Master of Health administration.

To identify/develop a Capstone Legacy Plan (two-three pages).

In addition, student will design/development a Capstone Legacy Plan in module


STUDENT LEARNING INFORMATION: Course Overview: The Integrated Capstone course is the final course in the Master’s Program designed to bring together several major themes of study that represent content themes in the Program. A major goal for the course is to help students position themselves for their careers in the field of Health Management and Administration; Health Education; Health Informatics; and Organizational Development and Leadership This has been a significant aspect of the Program from the initial acceptance into this Masters curriculum, but this course will bring together several elements of this career development processe that create invaluable information for students about their personal competency profile and how that supports the accepted standards of performance in Health Administration/Health Education. Throughout the Program, students have been asked to access their professional goals in this field. They have been asked to critique aspects of course content in relation to their competency levels for such content. The objective in all of this work has been to help students develop professional career strategies that optimize their potential for successful leadership positions in health care. In addition, students will develop a Project Thesis, Resume Development, and a Legacy Plan.

This course contains eight modules of study. The overall content development of the course focuses on established professional performance standards and competencies in the early modules to personal competency assessment and comparison to existing standards in the middle modules to developing a personal career plan and action steps in the final series of modules. This work is based on several well regarded professional sources such as the American College of Healthcare Executives and the CAHME and CHES as examples. This process of comparing established competency models with one’s personal assessment of these standards and then developing a professional profile is the essence of the masters or thesis for the Health Administration Program. As students progress through the early module material, they will begin compiling the information needed to develop their final thesis profile. A significant component of this competency inventory is done from analyzing previous course material and also comparing this information with the professional standards from ACHE, CAHME, CHES, CAHIIS and other organizations and agencies including the Society of Jesus that have been engaged in leadership and administrative competency model development. Developing and writing the Project Thesis is a major requirement for this course. Beginning in module 6 students will develop specific action steps designed to fully implement the findings from their thesis’ projects. These action steps will be unique for each student. The final two modules discuss future trends in the healthcare industry. Module 7 focuses on general trend data in the healthcare field. Providing this kind of perspective over the next five to ten years suggests that as students understand these trends, they will be in even stronger positions to pursue their career goals throughout the industry. The final module explores specific trends in patient care delivery and health administration for specific domains of the field such as wellness and health promotion, acute care, ambulatory care, long term care, and rehabilitation.

At its conclusion, this course will provide students a comprehensive process that successfully positions them to utilize the education and professional development this Masters Program represents. It will allow students to maximize their cumulative learning and study from all of these graduate courses to pursue their unique professional goals and aspirations in the healthcare field.

Legacy Planning is a more holistic approach to estate planning. It is the creation of a definitive plan for managing your total wealth while you’re alive, distributing your estate how you choose after your death, and a clear plan to pass on your legacy. Your estate includes all assets of any value that you own.

About me:

I am (…..) , an international student from Saudi Arabia. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Administration, and I worked in the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia. I have been a Health Management Specialist since 2010. I have nominated for a Master’s degree in America, and now this is my last semester.

When I get a Master of Health Administration from (……..), I will return to work with the Ministry of Health and for two years and then I have the right to complete my doctoral degree.

My expectations from this course to gain experience in Integrated Capstone and to learn how that will help me in my field.

My hobbies include: traveling, playing soccer, and photography I like to photo of nature, places and architectural buildings.

Legacy” Now I’m an educational studying my health administration, and I learn from my Professors and gain from their experiences and that to help me in teaching people in the future. I look forward to being a positive person, and I want to support everyone to learn in health administration.

Developing a Capstone Legacy Planning Assignment
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