critique of the negative critique of American history

Critique: “the noble lie” Term Paper According to critics on the political left and right, historical revisionism has distorted our nation’s past and divided the American people. Liberal historian Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. uses Plato’s concept of a “noble lie” to describe the problem in academia today. It serves radical political interests (influenced by Marx and Nietzsche) and ignores a huge amount of evidence that would enable us to obtain a fairer and more balanced understanding of our nation. Using at least ten of the supplemental sources available in Canvas (you must include at least one primary source), in addition to the Foner text, Bloom( Alan Bloom: The closing of the American Minds), and class lectures, discuss how our nation’s founding, as well as issues of race, class, and gender, are more complicated than textbooks usually portray them. Is there anything positive in our nation’s founding? How did the founding of our nation contribute to world civilization? Think of your paper this way: It should be a critique of the negative critique of American history. Feel free to use concepts from the exam study guide. Your paper should be double spaced and include endnotes (not footnotes) formatted according to the Chicago Manual of Style or Turabian. Any paper that does not have citations will not be read. The Foner text may not count as one of your ten sources, but Bloom may. Supplemental lecture notes may be used (those not based on the Foner text). Please include a cover page, but it doesn’t count as a written page. There are many sources available to help you with the formatting. One example is:

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