Cretaceous Mass Extinction

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Find a media article about a scientific study on a topic related to the Cretaceous Mass Extinction material. To find articles, you can use a Google search for keywords from the class material, and then select the “news” search button below the search bar. Your article should be different than the ones used in this class. If you aren’t sure whether the article is related to class topics, feel free to ask me.

Once you have found an article that you like, write a summary discussing these four points:

The main finding of the scientific study and the evidence the scientists used to answer their question.
Two pieces of evidence covered in class that relate to the study, and why they support or disagree with the conclusions.
Your assessment of the reliability of the source, supported by at least two reasons.
Your assessment of whether the scientific conclusions seem widely accepted or controversial, or whether there isn’t enough evidence to tell.
Your summary must include the link to the article, so I can read the source that you are summarizing. The summary should be written in your own words, rephrasing the ideas from the article rather than including direct quotations.


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